When Bad Things Happen, How Should You Respond

It is with a heavy heart I write this Monday Mourning because I am mourning for others.
People I do not know.
People who are not in my city.
People I may have never crossed paths.
But people nonetheless.

When mass murder occurs I want to go hug all the families.
I want to find all the children who are without parents and cry with them.
I don’t want to think like a life coach I just want to sit with people and cry…if only for a moment.

That is what I do.

I find a support group and offer to take calls.
Just being a listening ear can help in so many ways.
Allowing the person to grieve however they need to express at that moment.
Allowing them to be completely vunerable and transparent with a stranger.

What do you do?
What would you do differently?

If you are someone that lost a family member to one of the recent mass murders do not hesitate to call me. I have a willing heart and a listening ear.
Coach Monaye
1+636-393-8833 PDT