What Are You Most Afraid of for Your Kids?

Immediately after the murder of their father, I feared my children would reject God.
….they would reject God because the murder happened to someone who was minding his business and not bothering anyone.

I compared the death to someone who had chosen to place themselves in harm’s way.

You know, a person that is involved in gangs, drug life, violent acts towards others: oh they will get what they deserved.

My thoughts were completely misplaced at the beginning of this journey.

He wasn’t one of those people.  He was a gentleman who just wanted to live and raise his kids.

He was just a mona who wanted to find laughter in tough situations.

Now back to the rejection of God. I taught them about prayer and the love of God.
I didn’t want to tell them the religious old adage
You Lost Your Earthly Father, But You Will Always Have Your Heavenly Father”
It’s not that I don’t believe it, I just didn’t believe it would help them in that moment of grief.
But eventually, I did.
One child rejected prayer and the other rejected me.
My fear became reality at least in my eyes.
Over time their relationship with God was evident to me again.
the interesting thing was their individual relationships with God was strengthened on their own without my additional meddling.
Once I stopped thinking about
Fearing it
It was strengthened.
What are you overthinking and fearing in your child’s life?

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