Sticks and Stones and Words and Bones

Have you heard the old saying:

Stick and stones
May break my bones
Will never HURT me

Yeah I heard it growing up all my life and guess what???


Of course not.

All my life, I grew up hearing that statement but then I would hear a kid getting scolded
by an adult to apologize for hurting someone’s feelings.

Well, which is it?  Do words hurt or not?

I know the answer and words for sure will never hurt me.

What are we teaching our kids?

Especially our children that have experienced trauma.

Are we telling them to not listen to comforting words of others?

Are we telling them to not speak about the hurt and pain they feel from their grief?

Are we using works so lightly as parents because we don’t want to ‘upset’ our grieving kids?

Really take a look at how you may be tiptoe’ing in your speech because you believe words HURT.

Perhaps you don’t believe words do not hurt…. or

Only in light-hearted situation; not topics like rape and murder.

Well, you’re wrong, interested in chatting about it click here so we can talk.