Yes, I'm a Black Woman

In celebration of being a Black Woman in America, I wanted to highlight some Black History this month.


I for sure love my blackness and all the unique things that make me who I am including the coils in my hair.


I get to enjoy many cultural events and delicious food.




 Today I want to highlight someone whose oration skills have been known to be the best in the world especially because he was illiterate and could not read.


Harry Hosier – Preacher, Orator, Encourager


Harry was known for giving moving sermons for blacks after the white preacher finished his sermon.


His skills were so impeccable that the white people would stay and listen as well.


Another black preacher asked Harry if he could teach him to read; Harry’s response was he lost the gift to preach when he attempted to learn how to read.


For more about Harry Hosier check out his bio HERE




What I got from learning about Harry is he had a gift and he knew his purpose on Earth.


He went after it and did not allow it to be stripped by being distracted from ‘learning’ to read.


He recognized his talent and skill and chose to walk in it.


Have you identified your gifts, talents, skills?


Are you distracted by ‘learning’ and not doing?


Be like Harry, dispel the distractions and get to your Purpose!