Oooooh weee.

At the beginning of my grief journey 15 years ago, I was lost yall.

I was so unsure about what to do.

I did not know what to say to my survivor.

He was only six years old.

I had not known anyone that had experienced homicide in their life.

I saw it on the tv all the time but this was close.

I retreated.

Lost confidence in myself as a mommy.

Decided I should say nothing to my survivor.

Mommy if this is you right now, I can help you.

I totally figured out what was wrong, first by identifying the lack of confidence as self-doubt.

I was doubting how and what I should say.

The way to become more confident is by choosing to believe what you are thinking in which your opinion of yourself and your opinion of your doubts are strong and motivating and determined.

I know that’s a lot.

Let me help you walk through this process.

Step 1: Start by thinking about something you want for your survivor.
Step 2: Write down what you are thinking
Step 3: Notice all of your self-doubt come up about what you what
Step 4: Click HERE to chit-chat with me and I will walk you through steps 4 & 5.

The cool thing is when we complete these steps you can use this tool for any area you lack confidence.

Looking forward to talking to you soon.