Happy Holiday to ME

OMG, my holiday is in 2 days.

If you saw the last post you are aware my son holiday was 1 week ago.

When I was pregnant with him I was high risk. I was on bed rest more than once and as a young mommy, I didn’t follow the rules.

Instead, I chose to disobey the doctors order the first time which prolonged the bedrest order.

I wasn’t worried.

I was getting paid 60% of my regular pay so it wasn’t like I didn’t have money coming in.

Of course, the baby was going to be fine but there is no way I can lay in this bed for 3 weeks.

They finally released me back to work and on my next visit, they put me on bed rest again.

This time I chose to take it seriously.

I decided my health and my son’s health was worth it.

I begin to think about the exclaimed concerns my doctor had.

It became very important to me.

Upon release the second time and the next visit the results were better.


some things had already occurred.

He was required to stay in the hospital until he could breathe on his own.

The day before my birthday, they stopped allowing me to purchase the room as it was needed for other new mommies.

I had to go home without the boy.

They rolled me out with all of the gifts, clothes, and plants for him but no him.

On my birthday I went to the hospital, happy to see him and he did something he had never done before.

He breathed his first breath on his own. he could come home.

He is a man now. And each year after we celebrate his holiday I get to celebrate his life all over again. 2 holidays in one day.

What Fun!  What is a memorable moment of your child’s life you always tell?