Got Stress??

Whew, let’s talk about stress baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be, LET’S TALK ABOUT STRESS….let’s talk about Stress. (to the tune of a song by an all-girl rap group from my youth, you may know it. If so sing along, heeeeheee)

Is that you, are you a stressed mommy who want to just have a day of calm?

I for sure know all about that word.

As a full-time earner, new business owner, mother, wife, community advocate, ministry leader, gardner, many hats a mom wears, yada yada yada…….I CAN RELATE!

What I don’t do though is indulge in stress.

I have the tools to acknowledge when stress is about to rear his ugly head. BAM

But I remember being there. Here is what happened to my mind and body during stress;

  • forgot everything – appointments, paying bills, how to do simple things like making my favorite meals
  • yell a bunch at everyone – kids, co-workers, drivers
  • weakness in my body – physically unable to complete tasks, fatigued throughout the day
  • sleep loss – reeling in my head at night, toss and turn, least amount of sleep ever
A terrible time I had to coach myself through with the life coaching tools I learned.
The first step to get on the other side of stress to literally experience it.
To lean into the stress to find out what I need to learn about it.
To let it be.
After doing it a few times, I notice it sneaking up on me and I call it out – Not Today Stress, I See YOU!
If you want to learn how to process stress, hop on a call with me. Click this link to get er’ done.
Listen you do not have to be afraid of stress. You can totally own it. You got this.