Are you a mother of a child that has experienced trauma? That trauma can be related to health issues, abuse, loss of a pet, a breakup or even death.

Has that problem caused your child to act out or even become recluse? All symptoms associated with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Now have you heard of Post Traumatic Growth?? No, well I had not heard of it either until I went searching for ways to help my children who have experienced death related trauma. Post Traumatic Growth, a term coined in the 90’s is a positive psychological change born out of a stressful or traumatic circumstance in a person’s life. Survivors are not only able to manage the trauma, they actually thrive and grow because of it.

What does that mean for you and your kids???

Your kids trauma; the death of their father; does not have to stop them from living their lives to the fullest.

When my kids dad was murdered I wasn’t aware of the option of them being able to grow from such an event.

He was murdered the week of her birthday and her world was spiraling. By the time school started back she had completed retreated and wasn’t her ‘normal’ personality. I went searching for how to help! I found the answer and have seen the ahhmazing transformation in her.

As a Life Coach for moms, I offer a proven process that works which highlights the benefits of Post Traumatic Growth. I want to work with you so you can do the same for your kids.

I want to work with you so you can do the same for your kids.

I truly believe therapy for you and your kids is a very useful and great start to process trauma, the tools I offer through life coaching goes to the next level.

They teach you how to move forward and move your kids forward as well into a life you all will enjoy. The process teaches you how to use what occurred to uplift your family and no longer bring you all down uplift your family and no longer bring you all down

If you are ready to:

  • Have all the answers to the questions your kids are asking about ‘WHY’
  • Connect with your kids in a new powerful way.
  • Use what happened to bring resilience and strength
  • Bring joy back to your home

Then you want to work with me.

Mainly because it’s not for me or you but it is for THEM

On our call we will discuss the biggest concern you have for your child and identify what has been holding you back from helping your child.

I will also explain my coaching program and we will determine together if it a good match for us to work together.

You may think it would just be easier to have read a book. 

Well, have you already read the book? Have you already read the article? 

Have you already scoured the internet for all of the resources available? 

 Did you get the result you wanted then?

Now I know you probably do not think you have enough time to spend working on this…..

My Question to YOU

When is the time? What happens if you don’t start helping your child process their trauma?

Honestly, many kids do not display all of the negative emotions they are feeling related to death.

Stuffing down emotions and not talking about them seems easy until the brain doesn’t know how to handle it anymore. Then guess what there is a big BLOW UP.

When we work together, I give you the tools to uncover those negative emotions and help your child process them.

Schedule a chat with me to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Talk to you soon.