Every Victim Needs a Villain

I was thinking about how upset I was when I found out the shooter is going to be released.

How in the world would they let that happen to my kids?

All of the evidence was right there.

Testimonies and all.

As I was driving home, I was trying to create the ‘perfect’ words to tell the kids.

I don’t want to blindside them at court, so I might as well tell them we are screwed right now.

Then I thought about when I give them this information would I be considered the villain or victim.

Telling them this information in an angry tone, with sadness and crying could be portrayed as a victim.

If I tell them in a way that they should just allow the justice system to be what it is and there is nothing we were going to do about it. I could be portrayed as a villain.

What a dilemma.

How many times mommy, have you looked at the death as a reason to turn into a victim?

Talking to everyone about how bad this situation is? How the world is crazy?

The perpetrator for sure is the villain and you are the victim.

That was me.


Then I decided I wanted to be a survivor and not the victim.


I wanted to teach my kids how to do the same.

It was a mind shift.

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