In the talks of being born, this is a very active month in my life.

Many of my loves have holidays this month.

I am a person that really like to talk about arrivals, new things, and changes.

In my mind, I think of new adventures and get completely scared.

Have you been tasked with a new opportunity at home, work, community involvement and completely freaked out?  😳

Yeah; me too!

I have found out that I have to choose to be uncomfortable to get over the ‘freaked out’ moment and actually get some stuff done.

To be very transparent, writing these blogs freaks me out. I am sharing with everyone out loud! Very loud. LOL 📯📯

What feeling do you get when there is something new or different you have to do?  What is the feeling you have when you are challenged with difficulty?

Let me know and if you want to chat about HERE, click here so we can chat.

Talk to you soon,

Coach Monaye