Make a Decision Already!!!

Have you been riddled with questions?

Have you ever been stuck in a loop of confusion and indecision?

Did you know our brain requests answers by the hour?

Constantly demanding us to make decisions.

How do you respond to the constant questions about EVERYTHING???

  • Should I press the snooze button
  • What am I going to wear
  • Are the kids up yet
  • Did I pack their lunch
  • I wonder how they are doing in school
  • Are they happy
  • Should I pull my hair back or curl it today
  • How do I look
  • Am I really thirsty
  • Are the kids still thinking about their dad
  • I wonder if the family is going to call me
  • Should I complete this project today
  • I wonder if my cuticles are ok
  • When do I get to go on vacation
  • When is the weather going to let up
  • What is my mom doing
  • What are we going to eat for dinner
  • Did the kids brush their teeth before they went to bed
  • How did I get this neck pain
  • I wonder if I can make my own moisturizer
  • Is there anything good on Netflix
  •    and the questions go on and on and on and on….
But how do you respond?  Most people would say ‘I don’t know’
**Well, what if you DID know the answers???**
What if you asked your brain to come up with the answers to all of those questions?
That’s exactly what I have been doing lately. It is amazing how much stuff I really know when I try go to my brain for the answer.  Amazing eye-opening exercise that has LEVEL’ed UP my life.
Try it. Let me know what your brain comes up with.