BE A BETTER YOU!            BUT HOW??

Truly what is the definition of better?

I’ve come to realize its all based on how I want to evolve.

Have you really thought about evolution and what it has to do with you?

Last year was emotionally charged for me.

A couple of deaths, new business ventures, changes in employment, mothering at a higher level and weight among other things.

I made the decision to pay attention to my mind in January 2018.

Let me just say my mind went into a frenzy.

I paid close attention to its fears, suggestions, desires…..

And you know what, I found I could totally choose how to defeat my fears.

I used to think they had a hold on my me.

I would pray to God to remove them and I know he was helping but I still needed to do my part.

My part meant I needed to PUNCH MY FEARS IN THE FACE.

I have to think differently, I had to choose my own destiny and that’s what I did.

I got out a pen and paper and wrote down my fears and what I thought about each then choose a different thinking pattern.  I retrained my brain.


Yes, it’s true I retrained my brain.

You want to do it too??

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Coach Monaye – Brain Re-Imagined

You Have an Obligation to Your Kids

My daughter told me I had to take care of her, that’s what parents do.

I replied, “Well your father is no longer taking care of you.”

She responded, “Momma that’s mean….. he’s dead.”

You may be thinking that was a harsh thing to say to her but it’s true.

Why does he get off the hook because he died earlier than we all expected
and now I am OBLIGATED to play the role of his and mine.

Yep, murder it was and I still think this way.


Because I’m human. I am a mother to a grieving kid who just wants me to GIVE her
all the things.

Because I’m human. I am a mother to a grieving kid who just wants me to DO
all the things.

After a moment of silence, I informed her of this statement I believe to be true in all of our lives:


and that’s it!!!

Homicide and Mental Health

Simply said above!!!

How are you today????

Mommies it is extremely important that we take some time and check in with each other.

If not for ourselves first, perhaps do it for the kids.

I’m rocking the 💜  above *meh life could be better*

Check-in below, how are you today????

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National Handwriting Day

I love leaving my princess a little note every now and then.
I like to remind her of her awesomeness.
I like to remind her that she is ahmazing.
She gets a little boost in her day when she finds it in.
She keeps many of them to read again when classmates attempt to make her sad.
They give her a little boost when autoimmune side effects appear in unlikely circumstances.
She knows she is loved.
She knows: I HAVE HER BACK

When was the last time you wrote a little note to your kid? 

National Handwriting Day was established by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association in 1977.  Their motive is to promote the consumption of pens, pencils and writing paper.  January 23rd was chosen as this is the birthday of John Hancock.  John Hancock was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.