You Are Forgiven

I did it.

I did not make the correct decision and I spent waaayyy too much time crying.

I neglected my child for the rest of the day.

I did not change out of my pajamas.

I let the kids eat whatever they wanted out of the refrigerator.

I did not clean the kitchen.

I did not unload the dishwasher.

Today was the day I grieved.

Nothing is wrong, everything is going as planned.

I forgive me.

I am forgiven.

I will move on to the next day and everything will be alright.

Remember, you have the option to be who you need to be every day.

If you have a hard time forgiving yourself, mom, let talk about it.

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You Have an Obligation to Your Kids

My daughter told me I had to take care of her, that’s what parents do.

I replied, “Well your father is no longer taking care of you.”

She responded, “Momma that’s mean….. he’s dead.”

You may be thinking that was a harsh thing to say to her but it’s true.

Why does he get off the hook because he died earlier than we all expected
and now I am OBLIGATED to play the role of his and mine.

Yep, murder it was and I still think this way.


Because I’m human. I am a mother to a grieving kid who just wants me to GIVE her
all the things.

Because I’m human. I am a mother to a grieving kid who just wants me to DO
all the things.

After a moment of silence, I informed her of this statement I believe to be true in all of our lives:


and that’s it!!!