BE A BETTER YOU!            BUT HOW??

Truly what is the definition of better?

I’ve come to realize its all based on how I want to evolve.

Have you really thought about evolution and what it has to do with you?

Last year was emotionally charged for me.

A couple of deaths, new business ventures, changes in employment, mothering at a higher level and weight among other things.

I made the decision to pay attention to my mind in January 2018.

Let me just say my mind went into a frenzy.

I paid close attention to its fears, suggestions, desires…..

And you know what, I found I could totally choose how to defeat my fears.

I used to think they had a hold on my me.

I would pray to God to remove them and I know he was helping but I still needed to do my part.

My part meant I needed to PUNCH MY FEARS IN THE FACE.

I have to think differently, I had to choose my own destiny and that’s what I did.

I got out a pen and paper and wrote down my fears and what I thought about each then choose a different thinking pattern.  I retrained my brain.


Yes, it’s true I retrained my brain.

You want to do it too??

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Coach Monaye – Brain Re-Imagined