Arguing with a FOOL

Have you ever known the answer and someone decides they want to argue with them that you are incorrect?

I mean like really argue with you and you for sure know the truth.

I think about that every time it happens after the first rebuttal I remember, I am the one looking foolish arguing with the fool.


I really laugh at myself and walk away or exit the conversation.

Now imagine you arguing with your teen survivor about how they should handle the grieving process.

Imagine you telling him how it should look and he tells you everything is fine.

This back and forth only makes you look like the fool Mom.

Instead, you can change the narrative and the outcome.

What if you weren’t *over-concerned* and knew the right questions to ask instead?

Well… That is what I teach mommies in my 6 week Mommy Grief Training program.

If you want to get those answers the link → Mommy Grief Training to register for the next training.

Talk to you soon.