Are you in competition with your trauma?

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Are you in competition with the neglect you felt as a child?

Are you in competition with unfair treatment your experienced in the workplace?

Competition with trauma is looking at your past self while you experienced trauma to decide how you are going to act TODAY.

It look like this: I want to go to see my grandmother but she never really cared if I was around. Immediately this create a sense of neglect and you choose not to go, right.

Or. It may look like this: I really know I have the knowledge, skills and background to apply for the new job but last time I applied they gave it to their friend who didn’t even meet the basic qualifications.

See how you are currently in competition with your trauma.

When has your past trauma caused you to not do something you were really interested in doing?

Think about it. Take inventory of how you are not experiencing things you love or want to try.

Now decide today, that part of you is over.

If you made that decision today, post “It’s Over” in the comments.