Are you absent?

For real, where are you?
I asked myself that question for a couple of days in a row.
In my head, I felt completely absent. I didn’t want to think of anything.
I wanted my mind to be on holiday/vacation.
I wanted to not think about duties.
I wanted to forget my tasks.
I wanted to think nothing.
And you know what.
I didn’t work. Instead, I thought about those things even more.
I thought about how I wasn’t getting things done.
I thought about how my absence was affecting others.
I thought about how I could be maximizing my time.
And then TODAY…….. I did it!
I got to it. I got to work. I started acting.
And I mean massive action.
Action instead of absence.
What I could have avoided if I chose to just act instead of choosing to be absent and still spend soo much thinking about what I wasn’t doing.
No Longer Absent