You may want to pull up a chair.

What Happened…..

Like many humans, I have had my share of obstacles that I had to overcome. Many of them left me wanting to give up, quit life or go into hiding.

Hiding became my superpower! Although I was easily spotted in the room, I would choose not to talk at all.

Well, after the murder of my children’s father, I found myself running around trying to be superwoman and avoiding grieving a man I loved.
It was not healthy at all. 

I could not show love for my family who needed to grief as well. In fact, my daughter was suicidal and needed more of mom.

I started working on me first by self-coaching. Once I was able to Process the trauma effectively, I started helping my daughter.

She went from no longer wanting to be on this earth, to loving her life, writing a new story and not afraid to bring her past with her.

I knew then, I could help others and that is how Coach Monaye, The Post-Traumatic Growth Coach was founded. 


I am a Certified Life & Trauma Coach. My mission is to help people who have overcome a difficult challenge, learn how to use that challenge to create a better life. 

I help them navigate how to get over it and live the life they know they deserve. As a human resource professional, I have helped many people over the years navigate change and coaching takes it to the next level.

I have had the opportunity to help at-risk youth learn how to dream and expand their exposure to careers they never knew were available to them. Today I get the opportunity to work with previously incarcerated women who are choosing to GROW from the past and create an updated story. 

Stripped the Titles

When I remove all the titles of mom, daughter, co-worker, team player, coach, mentor, lover, etc I really get to enjoy just being me.

A compassionate soul…

A female who makes up many songs every day ( I will make up a song about making up a song, hee hee)…

A woman who dances to commercials…

A woman that likes to write…

A female who enjoys reading…

A soul who will never give up smiling…

I’m Monaye, and I’d love to get to know you. If you feel like you should be over the challenge/trauma/death but you can’t seem to do it, Reach out to me at