About Monaye

Hi, I'm Monaye and a Survivor's Mom Just Like You!

A mom to two lovely children who both have experienced trauma in their lives.

When their dad was murdered, I was numb and not living but now I'm truly alive.

That is what I would like to help you do. I want to come alongside you and help you live through your child’s grieving process and your own. I will teach you how to help your child grow through their grief and not become withdrawn

I love working with moms and their kids as I love to watch how you are able to uncover ways to be better.

This is what happened to me and my child. We both were stuck and I found the tool that showed me the power of how to LIVE and FEEL and BE free.

This is what how I help my clients. I teach them the tools to experience freedom from their grief. The end result is transformational.

I want to help all moms to be the best mommy they can be to their grieving kids.