FEELINGSI got all the feelings  🙎🏾‍♀️
I do a daily thought dump where I let all the good and the bad flow right out of my head onto paper or laptop.
When it brings up is lots of feelings.
Each line I am thinking about stirs up a feeling inside me.
Today I felt sad.
I was sad because I wasn’t sure if I was making the best decision for my daughter.
I had to do that important thing we get to do as a parent and discipline her. 
I care and love her soo much it is super important that I don’t hold back when it’s time to have the hard conversations.
I care and love her soo much it is pertinent that I know my restrictions is to give her structure.
I sighed.  😔   
I cried. 😢
I took action and know I made the right decision.  
The reason I know; is because I came up with the decision from within myself.
I asked my God and my brain and behold, the correct restriction for this situation appeared in my mind on my paper.
Don’t be afraid to feel your feelings. Don’t be afraid to see what you can do when you are having negative feelings.
Coach Monaye