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Discover how to give your past trauma the BOOT!

You get to free yourself and start the new year 

by choosing to control your life.

I enjoyed receiving the daily prompts to get me to look at what scared me the most. It was organized in a way I could reflect and release and see the beauty of who I am regardless of the abuse I survived.
Mr. JT

Something happened in your life and you overcame it because you are a warrior. So don’t you ever wonder why you are not living your life to the fullest ~YOUR BEST LIFE?

You want the answers to these questions….

  • Why am I afraid of commitment?
  • Why don’t I speak up for myself
  • Why haven’t I asked for that raise?
  • Why am I still in this relationship that I know
    I don’t belong in anymore?
  • Why do I self-sabotage?
  • Why am I not going after my dreams?

Are you tired trying to figure out the answers?

I was. I didn’t want to keep getting stuck every time I wanted to be in a relationship because of the divorce.
I didn’t want to downplay my skills because they passed me up last time I applied for my dream job.
I didn’t want to keep working for less money than my coworkers made.
I was tired of thinking about the f’xn murderer who changed my life.


I was OVER ALL OF IT….allowing those events and experiences to choose how I was going to live my life.
So I did something about it. I learned the self-coaching model and created something NEW … 
The Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset™ formula.

I did extensive research on how some people were able to create amazing experiences in their lives after going through emotional trauma. Once I learned what it was called, I started working with my clients to help them get GROWTH.

The first three days were the hardest for me. I was used to running away from the thoughts of how my gambling ruined my relationship with my family and children. By day fourteen I was seeing a difference in how I handled my finances, how I talked to my friends, and they were noticing a difference in me.
R. H.

What If You Could Create A Positive Change in Your Life in Just 3 Weeks?

Yes, freedom to know there is more for you than what you have been experiencing. 

No longer feel like an imposter and pretending everything is alright when you are dying inside, because you’re the man, the breadwinner, the one who got his shix together. 

Break the cycle to hiding your hurt just to fit in and be accepted.


As a result of giving yourself permission to start this journey you. . . .

✔ Free up space to learn how to create a heart for commitment

Take MASSIVE action toward living your dream life

✔ Accept gratitude as a source of creating a positive change

✔ Create the blueprint for what growth looks like in a man

✔ Use your past trauma experiences to GROW your life instead of trying to forget they ever happened

✔ Become a money magnet

✔ Use your freedom to crush your goals

"After I lost my mother, father and fiancé all within a year, I was ridden with grief. I did everything to avoid my emotions. I stayed busy because in the quiet times all I could do was cry. The 21 day reboot helped me turn my Negative Nancy personality around. Now I’m going after my dreams as an entrepreneur, stronger and wiser than I have ever been.
T. W.

The good news, Warrior …. This mindset shift does not have to take forever. You can get started and make a radical change in just 21 days.

the post-traumatic growth mindset™ 21 dAY REBOOT

Take the biggest leap of your life as a WARRIOR – 

Yes, you are a warrior because you survived. 

You will retrain your mind to move from mental sabotage and create something better than what you experienced before.

This three-week online training is the ultimate solution for warriors who know they have more they want to experience than the constant reminder of their past.


Look, I know you may think this compares to that book you read. . . .
The Facebook group you joined. . . .
AND…..You still did not see the lasting effect on your life.
You even questioned why you did it to begin with…
Maybe your thinking, what makes the Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset™ 21 Day Reboot different?
Glad you asked! 😁 The strategies in this reboot produces a mindset to walk into any situation and say, I can handle this.
When you complete the reboot you will look back and wonder why they hell I haven’t sought help from a coach sooner.
At completion you will ask yourself, how did I ever think I could do this alone.
You will no longer feel like a victim because you will know you are the victor.
Let me be the bearer of grand news….. It’s not all about the warm and fuzzy motivation techniques.
This is not that, this is addressing the exact reason why you avoid the topic of your trauma.
You address why you don’t take action to do anything different

After Your Reboot, You’ll Have the Power To. . . .

Take back your emotions and own them

  1. Get off the struggle bus. . and experience peace
  2. Create a life with experiences you never knew were possible
  3. Stop insomnia and overeating
  4. Identify when trauma related stress is on its way and know how to stop it before it comes
I’m with you, but….

How Am I Going to Get There?

I got you covered. Here’s exactly what’s going to reboot your mind.

21 Day Text/Audio Coaching Uncover the breakthrough science behind why as a warrior you are stuck in this loop … and get action steps for rebooting that mindset.  Value $497

Mindset Reboot Declarations The Daily Declarations inspired and designed for men and gratitude prompts. Value $97

BONUS: Coaching with The Post-Traumatic Growth Coach Value $417

After experiencing the Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset™ Reboot, clients tell me it’s like regaining the last 3 months & getting years of their life back.

Trauma had a hold on them and now they are free to do whatever it takes to continue to grow in their life.
And for a limited time, this supercharged reboot can be yours for just $497 (Value $1,011)

However, after all the things we experienced last year, I want to help get this year started better than ever… So hop on the Reboot for  $97.00!

Yes, this is the price for you all who are ready to change your life!
I will NEVER offer this ReBoot this low again. Get started today, 21 days to a GUARANTEED better 2021. LEGGO

Here’s what happens after you join:

  1. Hit the New Year, Next Level button below and join the Mindset Reboot.
  2. You’ll get access to the private Facebook group to have community with other warriors (your choice)
  3. Daily text messages with the prompt for that day starting on the day after you sign up!
  4. The link to download the Declarations and prompts